This is what happens with flea markets.  When you go there, you see equally diseased people.  Most are not rich, and they dream of that big find.  Some need to accumulate in creative ways.  For me, the need to pull compositions and environments together in unusual ways is the draw.  And it must be said that although I have parallel educations and accomplishments to my friends, it is more difficult to make “the big money”  in Art.

So we go and grab.  Live differently and not competitively.  Sometimes something happens.

With my Ebonette, I found a better cup for the saucer.

1-aqua cup

1-black cup

These black cups made for the set are really prone to breaking and cracking.  It makes me wonder if they are made of the same clay as the rest of the set.  I have no reason to believe this however.  I found some simple mugs in colors reminiscent of the fifties, and use those with these dishes.

1-many cups

So here is the disease part.  Why so many cups?  Four for a dollar, three for a dollar.  But 23 cups?


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