Just splurged and shouldn’t have.  Could blame it on the “one click”  purchase  for which some company has the patent.  This is why they want it.   I have learned, for now.

Bought my first bunch of Knowles Ebonette in the mid-nineties at a flea market under a highway bridge around Ft. Lauderdale.  Emotional and knowing what I like when viewed, the whole box of dishes cost twenty bucks.  The coffee cups were lame, and I gave them back to the seller and she said thanks.

Already into mid-century collectibles and trying to recreate that old fuzzy time, I had much hammered aluminum, colorful aluminum tumblers, many dinette sets, old lamps that had shades like plastic with the same lines found on the Ebonette.  This discovery was just thrilling and it was a while until more Ebonette was necessary.

In the years after, I looked away.  Kind of like when the US was looking and looking at the Mideast, and wham!  China had exploded.  Well my china exploded in price too when looking at other things.

What I saw under that bridge and continue to see in Ebonette is amazing.  Each plate is a drawing.  All are different.  They are not like Jackson Pollock in imagery, but similar.  Their black and white lines are more based on a grid.  Another detail that expresses the mid-fifites is the rounded corners on each of the pieces.

I hate to think how many of these plates we have broken through use.  FYI, they are great in the dishwasher and the microwave.  Never even thought not to subject my Ebonette to it.  Could be stupid.


1-two ebonette

When I realized how expensive these were getting, everyday use was no more.  Bought some interesting yellowy green ovals with with a granite like glaze and no mark at the flea market very inexpensively.  This is crazy, but they were too big.  We ate too much food!  That is the reason for the recent purchase.

1-other dishes

What to do with broken Ebonette?  What I do with broken anything.  Reuse it.

1-another divided dish

Ebonette covering an old divided dish from the fifties, Ebonette enjoying the sun on the pool wall.



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