My husband is a tool guy.  He lives in the space between problem and solution.  He even thinks clothes are tools.  Do not overdress.  Do not underdress.  When we got married, I worried that my wooden toy kitchen set (refrigerator, sink, stove), used for side tables in the great room would be too “girly” for him.  He said no, they are tools.  Lucky me.

We ate Hoppin John on New Years Day, as most do around here. We eat it to promote wealth in the new year. The dinner is made up of rice, collards, black-eyed peas with a little bacon and onion for seasoning.  Collards are grown everywhere around here, are very cheap and so healthy.   Garrett and I put hot pepper vinegar on ours, tool man cannot go that far.

“Skippin Jenny” is the leftovers from the Hoppin John eaten on New Years Day, and this meal is eaten on the second day of January.  Eating this two days in a row  intensifies your frugality, and redoubles your possibility for wealth in the new year.  Makes sense.  We could eat this meal for 365 days and have more money!

It is Skippin Jenny that tool man has trouble with.  Or better, needs to use his chosen technology to eat.  We have an autistic 16 year old who is always in training.  We have to be careful, we are on stage!

The umbrella issue here is etiquette.  I sooo understand why when all the above ingredients are tossed into a pot with a few other vegetables to make a soup, tool man would want to take to it with his knife and fork.  Collard leaves are BIG.  Perhaps this whole problem could have been avoided by my snipping the collard leaves before making the soup.  Then we would not have to issue the disclaimer to Garrett, even though knife and fork are the tool of choice for this problem:  don’t cut your soup in a restaurant.

1-pool view



  1. That soup sounds really good. I will have to make some. I can get Collard greens at WM. Carole made ham/bean soup and cornbread for New Years.
    I like your idea of cutting the leaves into bite size shapes. Then Glenn won’t have to get out a fork and knife to eat his soup. Ha !

  2. if we can find them that late, glenn can bring them to you at easter break as he tools around the midwest. he looks so funny, this old crusty german whipping out his fork and knife into his soup bowl!

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