Could we ever love the Armstrong Floors scrapbook’s  “over the top”  examples?  They make me think of Judy Garland singing to the picture of  Clark Gable on her dresser.

What is it about style?  Half of this book is amazing for its currency, part of it stimulates new ideas, and part of it should be submerged at the bottom of a pool.  Maybe simple, elegant, classic ideas rise to the top and are reinvented again and again.  They have merit and they continually prove it.  The chaff just blows away, never to be seen again.  Unless it isn’t time yet.  Shall we wait ten years?

1-pink and blue

Where do I start?  It has been my opinion most of the time that all color goes with all color.  But this pink and blue?  Maybe it is the fuzzy rug and the toilet seat we all remember from the 60s. Maybe this is the actual first sighting of this pair and we are at least ten years from that decade.  History is being made!  And Scott Joplin‘s piano bench as a bath accessory?  Or maybe the whole thing looks bad because the artist and magazine did not take the time to colorize the lino floor in this example. What were they thinking?  Looking closer, the walls are not colorized, nor are some of the stripes.   This looks like student work.

1-dining room

Ok, two points make a line, by bias is fully evident!  Another pink and blue.  The linoleum may be a kind of tour de force, but this looks like the Barbie furniture I used to have, and we have all grown out of that.  The only thing positive about this room is that one’s skin would simply glow as an effect of those gauzy pink curtains.  Not worth it.


Suffice it to say that if you have to throw a piece of clothing on the bed to balance a composition, you are in trouble.  I am getting picky now.  Those brass lamps have not been colorized.  My Barbie set also included a wardrobe like this one.


The little blue chair at the back looks interesting, and the floral in the front as well.  For the rest of the room, simply apply earlier comments.

Having more of these, I think it best to confine this post to the pink and blue.



  1. What I see in these “over the top” rooms is the notion of “royalty opulance”. If you can’t afford a real marble floor and granite shower, you can have a faux everything if you copy the way kings and queens live. In other word: you deserve to live like kings and queens – just buy our linoleum, decorate your rooms according to our photos and wake up in splendor.

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