Armstrong's Carpet and Linoleum Co
Armstrong’s Carpet and Linoleum Co (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

Oh man, cleaning out an attic can be like Christmas.  My friend GAVE me this little jewel of an idea book from the fifties (guessing from the look of the appliances in the pictures), of decorating concepts featuring Armstrong Linoleum.  The book is a physical representation of a business idea of Dorothy Teal who signs her name in an interesting calligraphy.  She wants to make studio apartments where one room serves many purposes.

1-scrap book

The front cover of the book has a wonderful dog profile on it which probably is the first reason my friend acquired this (the lines behind the book are on my deco enamel kitchen table, sorry).

Continuing with bad photography, here is one of the first pages in the book, and many of the lino ideas feature this kind of yin/yang composition.


The tub and sink in this photo definitely look like the decade of the fifties.  Within all the activity in this room, the lino composition helps to define a work area.  Looks like a school locker has been re-purposed to hold bathroom necessities.  Great idea.  Love the red and white stripe of the sock against the composition in the linoleum.

1-new second pic

Just amazed by these pictures.  Here the detail in the linoleum serves to organize an area even as a “light” wall bisects it.  Again the yin/yang thing.  I wonder if this was the time period where the West became familiar with that Chinese concept.  Also, lino is applied to the little desk, the tiny kitchen table and the counter top.  All help organize a complex composition.

1-true studio

Here, almost all activities are in one room.  Notice the tiny bunk beds in a niche at the left.  Looks like a gateleg table makes a small elegant dining area, and the kitchen is in another small niche.  There is an allover pattern in the linoleum this time, with rugs in certain areas to define use in the room.  The rug on the right defines the living area, and on the left, the bedroom area.  The old 33 1/3 record helps define our time period.

More of this to come.  Haven’t even gotten to the best pictures yet!  Or the most unusual compositions made with Armstrong Linoleum.



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