Well past Thanksgiving, well past a killer cold that has kept me here silent, and into December, we are still happily and comfortably taking outdoor showers.  Oh, perfect moderate weather, the new normal, how you are helping us stay greener and cleaner without the aid of maids!  Whenever a shower can be taken outside, there is much less mold scrubbing on tile showers inside.  It does not need to be said that the less shower scrubbing done around here, the happier everyone is.


Not like it is tropical here, but I must say that some plants around the outdoor shower that get a couple of  warm rushes of water every day are looking very spring-like, but here is the big news.  A fabulous stream of hot water can trump any air temperature we have experienced so far.  Is this intelligence that has been lost in modern times?  Or maybe this whole discussion is premature.  Wind seems like it would not be good.  But this is not Iowa.  It would be odd to do this in snow.  But this is South Carolina.  We almost never got it even before the glaciers were melting before our very eyes.


So for the data collecting.  Two goals:  how late and early in to next year can we go into the year taking comfortable showers outside?  AND what happens to the bushes and plants placed around the shower to protect privacy (which is protected really by acres of space all around) if they get nice doses of warm water regularly throughout the winter?  Could we create a microcosm where showered plants experience continual growing weather?  Would these plants tolerate this?  Too many questions.  I have much to do.



  1. Too much wondering and not enough doing smothers the creative urge. Stop thinking so much and get to work.

  2. your plants are likely more affected by the length of day (amount of sun vs amount of night) so as long as they can stand the amount of water, they’ll still behave as if it is winter.

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