Magnolia tree
Magnolia tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two weeks ago I transplanted two little magnolia trees from the woods into the almost virgin garden surrounding our new addition.  All about rushing around and getting points of the composition dug in and watered well for the winter, I was in the woods and could not see the trees.  Days later it was amazing to realize that there was a magnolia tree already growing almost on the (new) edge of the woods.  Knowing that it would grow better and have more flowers if we took down three small trees which allowed more sun to get to it, we welcomed it into the perimeter of the garden.

Below is the relationship between the old magnolia and the new transplant.  How could this tree be missed?

So three trees were removed from in front of it to allow more sun, and it effectively enlarged the garden for future plantings.  Below is what we have now, with about 15/20 feet between the two magnolias.

As I was beating myself up for my first omission, look what else came into focus, not far from the new magnolia.
A bunch of this grass was given to me years ago.  It is now in many places around the acreage.  It is all cut down for the winter now, but this little bit is still intact as it was recently transplanted.  Does anyone out there know even the common name for this?

Below is what was “hiding” in the area of the new magnolia.  More free plant material for my nearly free garden.  It will benefit from the enhancement of sun at the edge of the woods.

Finally, the status of the second little magnolia transplanted a couple of weeks ago is not good.  Its leaves are dark except for some nearly at the ground level.  A second question for the gardeners out there:  Should the bulk of the tree be cut down so that the seemingly “live” parts at ground level might thrive?


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