How many items makes up a collection?  Two? Three? Ten?

We have four houses in basically the area of our great room.  One is just outside it.  They look like a collection, and they are dominant.  So maybe four objects are enough.

They all came from our local flea market.  They are part of a bigger collection which is about wooden handmade and heartfelt things.  I have two lamps that are essentially replicas of stone fireplaces, and they have crosses on them with furniture in front of them.  I think they were church camp projects.

There is a drawer in the front of this lamp, and what pieces are broken off the furniture and the drawer handle itself are all in there.  I paid two dollars for this.

The next one cost ten dollars.  It is a little different, but in the same vein.

They both include passionate little handmade crosses.  The first lamp is made of matchsticks and the second, wood and pebbles.  The wooden lampshade has praying hands wood burned as the image on all four sides.  This shade is very heavy, but the matchstick one is not.

Crosses play a big part in the next example.  I bought this little church from a man who had a hobby of copying,  using commercial paint stir sticks, all the local churches.  The sticks have the name of a local business in the nearest big city still visible through the painted surface.  I just love that detail.

My son helped by shining a light for me as we  photographed the church to highlight the inside of the church and its tiny paper furniture.

Below is a picture of the craftsman who made our church.  I have not seen him again, although he used to be  a regular vendor.  He makes the steel plant hangers seen behind him, and said he has a copyright on the little double steel cross he is wearing.

Way off track, and not yet getting to the houses in our house, and not yet even in the great room, below is a fine hand crafted bird house that is in the master bedroom.

This post has been a study in unsatisfied expectations!  And grrrr, my theme is still not working correctly.



  1. This post cracked me up. Weird stuff happens to you and computers, I’m convinced. I love your little houses. Danny and I were just talked the other day about how many objects make a collection. His number was higher than mine, which is 3.

  2. These lamps are adorable. I wonder how old they are! You were lucky to find them. I also love the birdhouses. You must know all of the good places to search for these things.

    • I wonder too. Would kids have the patience to do stuff like this today? I live in a place where the local flea market filters tons of rural area. People do not know what they have. Thanks for looking.

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