Ok, so Book Peeps ( gave me a blogger award. Gobsmacked, thrilled, and following the instructions, I have to post seven things about me. 

I love to run.  Here after today’s four miles, I have made sure that eating a lot is not a problem, my bone mass is normal, my brain was bathed in mucho oxygen to help solve problems, and money was earned by picking up aluminum cans.  What’s not to love about running?

Number two:  I must create daily.  It is proving one’s existence.  It is lifting one’s leg on one’s bush.  I do this outside and inside.

Number three is digging in the dirt.  I love creating compositions in the garden.  Every evening I look around all the gardens for new leaves.

I propagate for my new gardens when possible, and have an ongoing wary relationship with deer.

Fourthly, I collect.  My home is a reliquary for collections, from which incredible energy is gathered.

Characteristic Number Five can be found relating to the largest orange vase ( btw, it is 36″ tall) in these pictures.  Many of my favorite things cost only a dollar.  In the case of the orange vase, it was paid by my sister, and it took maybe five years to get  the vase from her, but the idea is the same.  Following the image of the large vase are other goodies that I love which cost a dollar.  I bought a beautiful little gouache, finely framed in Germany, on the order of detail one would see in a Grandma Moses painting (I know, my mother has one).  One dollar.

The print following the little gouache is also beautifully framed, signed and numbered 2 of 4.  It is a sweet little still life and I love it.  People just do not know what they are selling!

Number Six characteristic is that I don’t do TV.  I read.

And Number Seven, we most of the time do without heat and air (!!!!!!).  It is getting easier and easier through the years I have been doing this;  last winter was no challenge at all.

Dear Book Peeps, thank you for your award.  I feel the way you did when you got yours—-I had to get this post written, and now!  Write, preview, write, preview : I did the same thing, but you described it better.  Always in too much of a hurry, here is my list.  And my “theme” is not working right (Parament).  Throughout this post, I could not control where text or pictures landed.  I’ll find another and be back.


4 thoughts on “SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME

  1. Lee, you’re being way to critical of yourself (LOL)…this is a wonderful post! I absolutely love your prints and your orange vase collection — amazing that you got some of these finds for a dollar! Your gardens look wonderful too. I, too, love to garden but you’ve also got a great design touch! Sorry your theme isn’t working well but everything looks wonderful and well placed to me! I learned so much about you. I too, like to jog but I have to give it up to you for being able to live most of the time without heat or A/C. That just blows me away! Wonderful post…thanks for sharing!

    • Collecting this stuff on the cheap is part of what I do. It is not exactly “Waste as a Way of Life”, but somewhat tangential. Just loved the alliteration of that title. I feel like I’ve made a friend; I will be by to see what you are doing! Lee

  2. Wonderful blog, Lee ! If you want to sell that little still life I would like to buy it. I will give you $5 for it and I wish I could draw that good. Actually I can draw that good but other people’s work always looks better than mine. Thank you for the fun information and warn me when you are going to pee on a bush so I can look away.

  3. Well, it is mostly men who do the leg lifting thing, but I thought it an apt image! Glad you are writing under your own name now. Come see the little still life!

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