If not creating, I am invisible.  It is that simple.  When creating, the process is energizing.  Get up, write a blog post, run four miles, shower and begin to create.

Busy with outside things in the last week, there have been no blog posts, only some running, and little created.  I used to say that making art justified my existence.  Now that justification is more complicated.  The art must be made, and written about.  What used to be enough is not now.  Are we all more public people?

Lately the focus has been on our fifteen year old autistic son and his anger problems.  We have met the most amazing man, a behavior analyst, and have learned to look at behavior through many lenses.  People with autism are so interesting.  They are unique.  Having some characteristics like us, we think that we know what is on the table, but we can be fooled.

Garrett used to love working in work books, math and language, around grade four.  Here he is taking a break from his work on the back porch.

He is a runner as well, and is sporting here his SC Peach Festival shirt won at the South Carolina Peach Festival, and his first 5K race.

The second picture is his face when he is “posturing” and an angry event might be starting.  We used to call this “angry eyes”.

Now through precise examination of how these events unfold, we may in the future be able to stop them in their tracks.  Through being observant and smart, the posturing might be the only part of his anger episode allowed to be displayed.

Our third picture is the happy boy we want around all the time.  He was thrilled yesterday meeting the behavior analyst.  Everybody loves attention. 

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