I love old bricks without holes.  Here in South Carolina, they are just too easy to lay with our sandy soil and our lack of ground freeze in the winter.  I love they way they make one notice the undulation of the ground.  It looks ancient to me.

Glenn is now outside laying bricks.  He has caught the fever.  Added to my lazy brick vignettes all over our acreage, his unremitting craftsmanship and use of (my gawd) an angle grinder to cut just the right shape, will be a massive piazza outside our barn.  Of course, part of his consideration is that our big vehicles have to be able to be supported by the bricks.  My biggest consideration when laying is “will Creeping Betty have enough room to take root in these cracks?”.

Not that Glenn is unfamiliar with these bricks.  At least three pick up truckloads were full of bricks for just this purpose when he migrated  here.   We gave the sagging economy a big shot in the arm that summer.   Last week we bought a thousand at a very good price from the site of a building demolished near here in North.  Yes, North, South Carolina.  I know.

We also just bought twenty tons of sand mixed with clay to sculpt the area outside the barn, raise it a little higher and connect it to a small pad for basketball that was laid last summer.  Below, the stuff is in the process of being pushed around.

The sand plus clay is really this color.  It is quite beautiful.  The biggest doors on the front of the barn are to the right of the image, and the basketball pad is to the left.  Glenn had far too much fun with his box blade.

So Glenn has started around his studio door, created a little space for my Sky Pencil and the brick pathway out of the door is building.  What he is going to do is undulate the pathway within the larger shape of the piazza.  Think of it as a decisive little current within a bigger body of water.  That is the image I get from his description.

So I am sorry for those of you not in the South when it comes to laying brick on the ground.  All we do is level the ground, place the brick, get anal with angle grinders if you so wish, and you are almost done.  You then go out to your driveway, which is the former bottom of an ancient ocean, get a shovelful of sand, and dump it on the brick you placed.  Shuffle around, sweep, water, and there you go.  It is all so fine!

Stay tuned.


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