First time I ever did this was with my friend Betsy;  we were looking for tile in a dumpster outside a commercial tile establishment.  Cannot remember if we asked permission or not.  Maybe it was a Saturday, and they were closed.  As it turns out, much of what was gleaned was very usable and important in my house renovation and to this day is still being used.  Marble that I have used for thresholds, counter tops and window sills came from this source.  In addition, the tile store had ground some of the excess marble from a job into about half inch sized chunks and put it in the beds around the building where they had bushes.  Trying to create a new market, I guess.

Anyway we filled our cars (or my car), it was amazingly hot, and we were amazingly dirty, but it did not stop us from going down the road and having a big lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s.  What the hell.

Yesterday morning my friend Catherine sent me a text saying that there were three old metal lawn chairs in a dumpster in her neighborhood.  She lives about 45 minutes away from here, but we were already at the flea market which is 15 minutes closer.  We decided to skip the cheap stuff and go for the free stuff.  It was so easy, and the new vistas were very refreshing.  She lives in the horse country of SC where the fences and the live oaks are so beautiful.

Glenn hauls himself in.  It is very clean thank goodness and has not rained in the past couple of days, which is unusual for this summer.  Along with the chairs, a waffled mattress pad was in there to be used to transport them!  Love it when that happens.

Gold!  We found three in this dumpster.  They are in average shape, but have been thickly painted over and over.  The paint is peeling off in large dense chunks.  They will not subscribe to my theory that objects should show their history.  These are going to have to be cleaned up as anyone using them would ruin their clothes.

We also picked up some old dinette chairs that the same friend wanted to pitch.  They were in much better shape than imagined.

Spent an hour or so with a toothbrush and improved the chairs mightily.  Will do the same with chrome polish, the kind we used to use on rusty bike wheels, and move further towards perfection!


7 thoughts on “DUMPSTER DIVING

  1. What a find. Great photo of Glenn in the dumpster. Those chairs are going to need some serious chemicals on them. A great article….enjoyed it .

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