In these dog days, reality around here felt like one of those stress dreams where you cannot get your legs to work, or you keep trying to fit through openings that are too small for you.  Things were moving slowly in construction, my art, and the pool deck.

Painting has been going on, as you can see from the images above.  And I have stuccoed the cinder block foundation wall in the last two days.  One hand is nearing twice as big as the other now.

But two men arrived ten minutes ago, and the interior floor of the new master bedroom is being laid!  We had a short discussion about the threshold, and came to a quick agreement.  Having tons of marble recovered through dumpster diving years ago, we will make a pieced, in sections of eighteen inches, threshold stretching the length of the french doors between the main house and the new master.   This marble has been used in the main house as thresholds between rooms, as fancier windowsills, installed on top of the wooden ones, and (more interested in aesthetics than cooking) as my kitchen counter tops.

Between the great room and the dining room in the 1939 big house,  I needed to piece together marble to fit the vacant space left by removing a wall.  The marble was found in 18 inch lengths.  You can see this length also in my counter top.

A wider eighteen inch length was set up the wall under one of the kitchen windows and three courses around the stove, here to the right.  In the foreground is a fancy hammered aluminum coffee pot with its original cord.  Crazy about those old cords!  Behind that is an old mixer.

Above are the marble lengths used as window sills in the laundry room with part of an old iron collection poised for use.


4 thoughts on “BEFORE AND AFTER

  1. Lee, I love the old iron collection! My mom used some for book ends with her cookbooks. I’ve started my own small collection too. So far, just 2 but who knows what else I’ll find. I got some cool old bowls in Aiken last week! Miss you! Thanks for the update! It looks great!

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