Last time any serious stitching was done around here, “Woman-Flower” was one of the results.  Hearing what you are thinking, yes, the relationship to Picasso’s famous portrait of Francoise Gilot cannot be denied. This series of works started out without a plan, and the need to be more spontaneous than my normal mode of stitching.  The work, mostly because of its orientation, started to remind me of that painting, so I encouraged it.

Another from that series which is mostly about eggs and fertilization and such is below:

A collector from “off’ as we say in the South, requested images of work that is for sale.  You, dear reader, know that I am playing outside as a construction worker these days, but he did not.  The older I get, the more outside I stay:  ass-backwards, eh?

So on a new blog called ” Lee Malerich New Work” there is a post called “embroideries” and five additional  from “Post Two” to “Post Six”.  There are full images and details of work still in the studio.  It feels great to have a tool to which people
can be referred.  Of course, the name is a misnomer because there is no new work on this blog!  It is all old work.  Still trying to learn to photograph well the new work which in addition to being made of tile, dishes and found objects, it is getting sculptural, and involves that whole “depth of field” thing.

So the address is leemalerichnewwork.wordpress.com.  Thanks for looking!



  1. sogood to see more of your work and hear more of your thinking on it! Wow, so allive and life-giving!

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