Here is where work is taking place today, although this image is from a couple of days ago.  The reddish area under the iron gate is grouted and a small part of the area with the glass horseshoes.  In an earlier post, I stated that the pool wall area was a sort of sketchbook;  the deck is turning out to be much the same.  There are natural dividers in the deck created when it was poured and I seem to be relating to those separations as different canvases.

I am interested in reflecting the plants in the gardens around the deck in the tile compositions.  A goal as well is to use the same grout in the different tile compositions and to unify contrasting patterns.  In the case of the horseshoe area,  would that big space be more interesting with subtly different grout colors used within it? But my major interest is, and one that has not been accomplished yet,  is the idea of “approximation” (my term).  I want to make mosaics look more like paintings and not be as static as they usually are with grout color not being local to a shape.  I want grout color to kind of  “shadow” a shape, but not define it.  I want the shapes to look like ghosts.

Above is the plant and the image on the deck, without grout.

This morning this leaf was grouted with color used elsewhere.  I did not try to get this color grout in every space at the perimeter of the leaf.  I want to let another color “play” on that edge and let the shape look more approximated and painterly.  We’ll see how that works.

The image above records today’s grouting and also other elements that are used to relate different compositions together:  the red pieces within the horseshoes on the left, and the occurrence of larger differently colored shapes in the composition.  Not taking the grout used today all the way to the perimeter of the pool,   I am going to leave that vacant for a while and think about one unique color to circle the pool only.


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