Creating things is my driving life force.  The urge dominates things that have to be done, and even other things that are appealing ways to spend time.  The older I get, the more this is true.  That is what is wonderful about blogging.  If other venues are not working correctly for one reason or another, a post with pictures and explanations can always be created.  Blogging is a wonderful tool to take the angst away of not creating.

This is an urge that has been constant for me. It heals me when broken.  It justifies my existence (and that is really not normal thinking).   I don’t talk much about my textile art with which 30 years or more was spent.  I made images with stitches.  Very, very anal.  I was stitching the energy of my life into those works, and received some notoriety from them.

Each one of those pieces was as much work as this deck, but smaller, more sensitive, and not as easily seen.

With the two images above, not only was I stitching my life away, I was helping to heal myself from metastatic colon cancer, which is deep in my history, and occurred a long time ago.  Topics for these works were like a storyboard developing alongside my life.  My children, my marriage, my cancer, all took their turns.

This stitched work was started in undergraduate school, and satisfied me for a great while.  It was noteworthy, and better than current work, but small.  Americans don’t like “small”.

My new work, big and made of found objects and discarded objects satisfies the kind of “trash sensibility” that I like to see in the objects around me.  I often tried to incorporate the “trash” Lee into the “stitched” Lee.  It never worked.

Business lunch guests just left.  When showing my range of work, I miss the fact that the stitched work is no more.  I doubt myself.  But maybe it is time to let the “trash”  Lee get more exercise.



  1. I think artists always have a fondness for a medium (and the materials involved) they once used but have moved on to other media. I still love photo silkscreen (serigraph) and wood cuts but doubt I will ever use them as an artistic medium again.
    I can see you stitching again. It is relaxing and almost meditative. Shoot – I still make sock monkeys and we know that is art. Ha.
    Keep up the great blogs. I enjoy reading them.

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