Getting erratic/crazy this summer,  without a commission for a while, I wonder how my time is better spent:  trying to generate interest in my work via the computer, or investing energy in projects around here that make me happy.  Our building addition is going dreadfully slow;  so tired of the house being in upheaval, but there is nothing to do about it.  This is just one of many reasons to be outside, where amazingly I am most content.

The wall above surrounds the pool.  The inside of this wall is a tile and color frenzy.  Maybe six months ago this project was started with whites and neutral tile, and the same types of grout colors.  After finishing something somewhere else and having thin set left, I use it here.  The same with grout, if it is in the neutral colors or white.  So a long time is never spent on this, but slowly work is getting done.  I hate to tell you how long these walls are.  We have a pretty big pool.  Best not to think about it.  The bushes in front of this part of the wall are white azaleas.

Last week, in a wave of energy, and dreaming of  the by product of using up some of the tile packed into my part of the barn, I started to lay compositions inside the aforesaid wall, on the deck.

Restricting myself from normal composition, all tiles here are 3/8 inch.  Have to be for bare feet.

Above is how the deck looked last week, below, today.  This deck is a life’s work.  More.  Having worked on the interior walls of this for just YEARS, I am already doing repairs to earlier lame work .

The first thing done to the stucco walls was hang these funky medallions found at a Hagar Pottery that was going out of business.  Months later, foaming at the mouth, I added some green tile a friend gave me after they tore out their bathroom.  Then just a little more work; those nice planes at each column.

Gawd, how these bushes have grown!  They are now a tunnel.

See that line of thin cement blocks on the right side of the pathway?  I think they could use tile.



  1. You are doing a great job. A massive task by the look of it. I particularly like finger like shapes you have put on the wall at the side of the pool. Hope you will update as you complete parts.

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