We have become good friends, myself and the amazing contractor guy who likes to work around here.  For a South Carolinian, he is waaay open (this is the state where our untrained Governor just closed down our SC Arts Commission, one that 20 years ago was a model for the country—-sorry, this is another post) to creative new ideas.   He is the guy who keeps bringing me windows which would have gone into the landfill,  and I am so happy to get every one of them.  One day a greenhouse will be built with them.

In the interim, other uses are ever present.  Dozens were used in the barn, as windows, and as dividers.

I have started collecting old examples which have had the window panes painted by others.   These windows  are part of my collection of works by passionate but untrained artists.   Many of these naive works are religious in nature; the passion is important to me but not the message.

This image about the road to Calvary is so interesting to me because the artist painted two separate skies.  Don’t know if he was confused, or if he means to illustrate by the second sky a kind of heaven.  Also love the little detail in the tiny brown sandy village that mixes with the land.  It looks like little illustrations in a Sunday school book I had as a kid.  I also am partial to text in an image which puts me clearly in the Middle Ages.

Collecting these works and having all these vacant windows got me thinking about filling some of them myself.  Taking out the glass and replacing it with cement board, I have been adhering broken tile and dishes and found objects within the panes.

This piece is not grouted yet.  Some of these works contain messages in text as this one does, one letter per pane.  As I work on these, they are turning more into landscapes unto themselves.  In the future, maybe they will sit on a table or pedestal and be built like small cities on the order of Oz, all made out of tile and found objects.

Here is something fun to see, my last example before and after grouting.



  1. Wow ! Thank you for sharing about the windows and how you (and others) use them. Really like the tray too.

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