I am making some work now that we cannot photograph well, yet.   It ALMOST makes no sense to make anything that will not copy to advantage;  how would one spread the message that the thing is in the world, and could be purchased?  Or things like it could be purchased?  Of course, the wave of idea to construction to final creation is one amazing ride, and that experience is most fulfilling in itself.

This photo with the palm fronds making shadows is something we were playing with while waiting for the shadows to go away, in trying to photograph a recent commission.

This is how the six by six foot square looked when daily progress was recorded.  This trapezoid is not good.

When in undergraduate school, and the profs were schooling us in the big world of selling art, they took slides for us of our recently finished work.  At that time, I was machine stitching on clear plastic:  think drawings on plastic, hatch and cross hatch.  Remember the plastic that your grandmother had covering her furniture if she was anal?  That was the plastic.  All threw up their hands.  No photographs of THAT work, and that was the end of it.

A friend has been giving me old windows for years, windows that would have gone into the landfill.  We have been using them in any new construction that we do.  I also have been making mosaic compositions within them (my site specific mosaic work has been down for about a year).  Excited about these works,  I want to put them here, but none of the photography is good enough.  And I think they may not be ready.

My husband gave me a little crit this morning, and this is where the synchronicity part comes in.  While I thought that the framing that the window provided was presentation enough, he proposed simply framing it again, simply, and with natural wood.   For some, I agree, but for the ones that have been painted white as windows, maybe no.

We cleaned up the “burn pile” that our construction workers left last week, and there were three choices for natural framing.  One by ones, stuff that looks like lattice work, and the best, a measure in between.

Don’t you just love it when that happens?



  1. that first picture is amazing. I had never even heard about your first enters into embroidery… I need to see a picture! can’t wait to see the house.

    • just thinking about this while running. the first picture here, if it were perfect, would be invalid. the piece was designed to be seen from a height of about five feet. i kept wondering why the other more “square” images of it that i have looked so strange…

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