The construction crew was nice enough to finish yesterday so we could have the evening to place the windows that are going across the back wall and bathroom of our new bedroom.

Originally, we thought some big windows would be included here, but a bit of homogeneity in the design was required.  Our contractor, who has worked with me on several projects, and is learning to love the unusual and the recycled, came up with a fine idea yesterday that we are going to implement.  For his idea, we will use the big windows that we rejected here.

Above, the windows are laid out the way they will stretch across the back wall.  To the left will be a glass door, which is missing here.

Here is the back wall showing the organization:  three rectangular piled at the left,  and six squares to the right.  The squares will have different divisions and alternate.  These are some of the same windows that we used for the barn a couple of years ago.

We used a recovered door for the entrance to the studio part of the barn.  We have two fine matched pairs for the new bedroom closets.

Glenn bought some bamboo a while back and I have been taught to be afraid of it.  It can get out of hand.  Just coming in from the real experience of seeing how uncovered our new bathroom will be with its windows, it will go in tomorrow.  I don’t think that simple pine trees will be enough cover!



  1. This is simply too much fun to watch! Thanks for keeping this great record of your construction journey. It seem like yesterday you were hauling that house down the road.

  2. This is going to be a fun addition to the home. Are you going to panel it with tongue and groove boards (like the house) or go with sheet rock? So far as privacy goes you can buy curtain rods that would cover the bottom half of the windows and pivot open if you want more light. Carole knows what they are called. We have them in the kitchen and on the basement doors.

    • harry, i think we are going with sheet rock for a while, and then maybe install rough white pickled wood later on. i always have to live in a space for a while and let it tell me what it needs.

  3. Lee this is terrific ,enjoying your construction saga , love , and always have your quirky creativity, re: the tin roof a hot place for your cats?

    • swelteringinmo: you got yourself a new email address just for this summer? the cat cannot get up on these roofs, thankgawd. she would burn her little feets!

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