These young ladies have been my friends for a long time now.  More than five years ago, in Raleigh, NC, my friend Bev-lee and I found this huge photo at the local Habitat for Humanity.  It cost 15 bucks and its size is four feet square.  On the cups is the name Debovic’s, and there is an “Ed Debovic’s” in Chicago with a site on the web.   The joint is  a hard and heavy partying place where the wait staff might be prone to hop up on a table and sing  doo-wap.  “Famous since 1984”, it says on their logo.  No image related to Ed Debovic’s site looks like this one, as far as digging took me.

The photo is obviously involved with some kind of retro statement with the crisp little hats,  the stainless steel stools and the overall look of a diner.  Layered in on the constructed “retro” is the other one, the fact that we are looking at this photo in 2012.  Look at the shoes, the hair.  In this image you can see several attempts and some solutions to “Farah Fawcett hair”, and no one who lived through that time could forget that influence!  And in 1984, we were wearing running shoes, not tennis shoes.

Not being at all an expert in these things, but having lived through the time, through hair and shoes, I think this photo is earlier than the 1984 date that was found for the company on the web (Charley’s Angels ran from 1976-81).

I think about writing a story about each of these characters, and weaving them into a book.  There are all types here, and Picasa (my photo organizing service) wants to know who they are too.  One day she appeared in my list of people waiting for me to name:

Picasa is getting scary.  It knows how close I am to these ladies. It wants to categorize them and me.  I think of her as  Italian, athletic (plays softball), and one of a big family. Just noticed today that some of the waitresses are wearing name tags, and her name is Jan.  Makes sense to me.

Here is another one of my faces in Picasa that it wants to know more about.  Of course this is Mr. Arnolfini, anyone would know that.

This girl is younger than most of the others, from a high school in an agricultural setting.  She misses her boyfriend, and just wants to be back home again.

She is a student too, at the university and she only works part-time.  She is worried about her mother seeing her in this picture with a beer!

Here is a young mother who works very hard every day for her husband and her family.  And it is OK for her to hold a beer in this picture.  She will do whatever it takes.

This is “Big Mama”.  She has worked here for years, and rules the roost.  This is her career, and the regular guys who come in are her friends.  They spar. 


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