This photo was taken from the back of a fine house on Lake Murray.  This is a new wall with new plantings and new sod and with the lake in the background.  The owners and I decided to depict this image in a six by six foot square imbedded in the circular front driveway.

Above is the drawing I cropped from the larger photo for the six by six square.

In this photo of the first day’s work, you can also see the grid used to blow the small drawing up to six by six foot. Color ideas are established with the green bushes,  gradating them from bright to dull.  This idea maintains a strong connection between these mosaics and my embroideries.

Here is the work several days later than the previous photo.  Missing the daily photo at the end of a work period because of rain, along with taking very lame photos of other days, a complete work history is not in evidence.   Rain drives we construction workers crazy.  We would all be wealthy if we could work every day.

Other technical problems defy me.  I would have liked to include my colored pencil rendering of the piece, but it was saved in the size of a postage stamp.  So was one photo of a day’s work.  Computer two, Lee zero.

Getting the darks in early helps me establish visual weight and balance.  The trees on the left are described in lines.  Color and value is changed to suggest distance and position them in the space of the work.

This photo contains a way-too-strong signature.  I removed it the next day.  In this image, water is starting to come in between the two great trees, and sky in the upper left.  The whitish vertical lines are tree trucks that are partially visible and they are rendered in space with changing values.

Here is the finished mosaic, all but the grout.  The grout will add another dimension here, which sometimes is hard to figure.  As with my embroideries, no color stays static, and that is true of the grout as well.  It unifies the piece, but also it can heighten in interest some areas, and make others more subordinate depending on the grout color and value in a certain area.

Most of the trees indicated on the horizon have organized themselves into one kind of pattern or another.  My signature is now hidden in there. Also included in the piece are many miscellaneous one by one inch tiles, and some of those in the upper area have organized into a kind of grid, a small homage to the interlocking form that makes up this visual language.

If it weren’t raining today, I would be finishing instead of talking about finishing!


2 thoughts on “STRUGGLING WITH TECHNOLOGY and the weather

  1. I actually wondered about that signature when I saw that pic of facebook. I thought, “wow, she usually doesn’t do something so bold.” Where is the replacement?

  2. i tried it with some tile that the hubbards gave me that was left over from their fireplace. it was straight like lines, obviously, but way too big and bold. the signature is upside down on the top center and more calligraphic.

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