Now this kind of sports fan I can understand.

” Cubs” is spray painted on this glider.  This appeared at the home of my cousin’s one day in northern Illinois, of course.   Let us consider the symbolism of the glider with the baseball message printed on it.  There must be a reason why this glider was chosen to exclaim this message.  Could it be that the Cubs were playing like they did in the 1940s?  Or something about a player “gliding” into home base?  And the positioning on the top of the house is interesting.

Not surprisingly, there is a glider on top of a building here.  The pump house for the pool has this example perched atop.  There is no message here, as in the Cub glider.  This one is simply waiting for work to be done on its collapsed tubing.  This tubing is a real Achilles’ Heel in these gliders and old metal chairs.  My husband can fix them and does, but there are always some needing attention.

I am afraid that the Cubs glider was used in such a way that the maker saw it as just so much trash.  Something funny to do like a lawn job (remember those?).  I remember being so complimented that some one thought enough of me to give our yard a lawn job.  My father, huge Cub fan, was devastated at the damage.  All those grass plugs, and so much babying and urging for merging.  So the universe pays back.

Fabulous that my cousins kept this on their house; it represents a passion, and is expressed in a unique way.  It must be art!


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