It had to happen.   Sooner or later I would run out of my own gliders to write about.   Problem solved:  and all you have to do is ask!  This “immediate” world we live in now makes me dizzy.  My friend, Jeffrey Day sent pictures of  a fine glider that he has on an inside porch.  Good move on the inside porch part, Jeffrey!

Being the GLIDER LADY, there are some examples here that are similar to Jeffrey’s.  It is obvious that he goes for quality, while I go for quantity, not being able to afford quality (can quantity ever trump quality?? Something to think about.).   In his example, we can see what a huge difference having the original pillows makes.  The tawdry but similar one is mine, with pillows acquired at a later time.   It has no pillows for the arms that rotate down to make a longer sleeping space; a definite negative.  Jeffery’s armature and pillows combine to make a sensible and elegant statement. I bought my example some years ago for almost nothing, hoping to furnish it later.  The aluminum scroll work attracted me.

These fine sleep extension pillows have an “engineered” space to fit within on Jeffrey’s example.  It seems to be a right-angled bent support that the pillow lays within,  My example simply has a  tube outlining the support space, with a couple of linear reinforcements within that area.   Many old gliders have an armature in the back that can be rotated down to make a small bed,  stretching the width instead of the length.

In the example above, you unhook the stay from the back of the glider, rotate down the movable legs, and you have an almost twin bed width, but a short length.  Think, kids on the back porch at the beach in the summer.

Above is a second glider that works this way in making a bed.

Both of these last two examples have easy flowing, but metal armrests; visually appealing but not for stretching out upon.

There is so much more to talk about in these examples:  time period, pattern, the design of the front facade, the shabby aesthetic vs. repainting, and the luck and merit of having an old example, well taken care of in pristine shape.  Now that is a real find.


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