We are adding a room to our home; a new addition.   Just like with actual pregnancy, with additions we never remember the bad parts from other times we have done this, just the good parts.  An addition provides a new canvas on the inside and the outside. More space to fill with fabulous junk!  Another mass to wrap gardens around!


Outside these doors and sidelight made by my friend Betsy (the only person I know who had her own personal zip code) will be a new master bedroom, bath and deck.  When the house was renovated  in 05, a little porch was created, but the steps up to it to use it never materialized. Well they did.  They had been out in the woods for years, and their future was to be with this little side porch.  Turned out their future was to cover a well head.  Stairs to nowhere, and now just halfway covered with tile.

The french doors and Betsy’s sidelight will stay in place, and close off the new room.  On the opposite wall, the end wall of the bedroom,  will be a mass of old mismatched windows making up that whole plane.  That wall looks into the woods, and there is nothing in any way near but woods.  No privacy issues.  We used old windows for the barn we built last year; saved a lot of money and they look so much better.  Below is a detail of a used window in the front of the barn in the studio area.  The windows were free and I think there are 27 of them.

So what else will we integrate into the new construction to save money?  I will stucco the foundation walls.  That is so easy.  We bought seven unused overhead lights at the flea market last Saturday for seven dollars total.  Six  will be placed all around the bathroom, one, bigger than the others, will be the overhead light in the bedroom proper.  I will make a tile composition in the shower from what I already have in my color inventory. I will also use “found” objects.  We have learned already that shower doors are totally unnecessary, so that expense will be eliminated.     We already have five beautiful,  old six panel doors that will be used for the closet (four of them, two pairs) and the commode area of the bathroom.

This porcelain over metal fixture is old.  It is 48 inches wide and they were used both as sinks and urinals.  They have holes in the base to accommodate either use.  It will just fit into our vanity area, and it is free!


5 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN

  1. This will be a very exciting project for both of you. You can build it exactly the way you want it…and design it so when you get old (physically-I don’t think either of you will get old spiritually) you will have easy access to everything. If you can shuffle your feet and get there safely you are good to go.

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