If you could have seen this acreage years ago, you would not believe what has been accomplished.  The series of circular gardens were born out of our huge two night ice storm,  around 2004.

The damage was devastating.  It was the worst natural event that I was “lucky” enough to live through, even with Hurricane Hugo in our history.

As with my cancer problems, I turned the physical mess into art.  It was then that this series of circular gardens were born; for months damage was burned, FEMA picked up a lot, but some defined these gardens.  Removing the damage was turned into a creative effort, and it was then that work did not seem so awful.

For me, with cancer, and with other problems, it is all left to art.  Or sometimes running.  It is in these venues that problems begin to be understood, and it always takes physical involvement.  Maybe the problems just perspire away!  Finding huge fallen trees long and lean enough for me to haul was just what was needed to turn this huge problem into something i wanted to do.  And it was free!

There are six of these circles on this side of the house, and a long parenthesis-shaped garden along side the middle circles. There are spaces between them large enough for the lawn tractor to get through.

This is the front garden from the line of circles and the newest one in this area.  This is yesterday.  It has a getting-bigger-all-the-time snowball bush in the center, and it had two pretty fabulous snowballs this spring.  It is the only one of three that has survived.  The deer love this bush.

Behind the circle, you can see that there are three posts with blue bottles hanging on.  There used to be a cedar fence along that line, which we removed yesterday;  it was getting a little worn, and my husband found cutting around it less than fun.

We took the parts of the fence, and made a tee-pee over the snowball bush garden to hopefully keep the deer from getting in close enough to snack.  If they needed the food last winter, what would happen when we have a normal winter?  This winter, even my annuals did not die.

This is the same garden this morning, with a tee-pee like barrier for the deer.  I have tried this before, unsuccessfully, but this is bigger and stands a greater chance of fending off the deer.  On one side, for an experiment, one side was left more open, but at the base,  we put lots of cedar bits with lethal looking side branches, standing up.  This winter we will see which idea is more successful.

Below is a Yoshino cherry tree which has been battling the deer for several years now.  Today we will make a better, bigger barrier.  Poor thing has never bloomed.


6 thoughts on “PROBLEMS WITH DEER

  1. Wow! Even the tp’s are are artfully designed. Good luck with the deer. When they are hungry they are also very strong. You might have Glenn pee around the perimeter of the tp’s….that might make them look elsewhere for food. Not that there is anything wrong with Glenn’s pee – deers just don’t like it.

  2. hey harry, glenn has been doing what you suggest intermittently, to no avail. i wonder how many more lines we can add to the structure before interfering with light??

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