This is the view out the study window, where my writing takes place.  You have already seen the gliders on my front porch, just out the french doors from here.  So I have three gliders within close eye shot, in case sitting and swinging is needed.  We use them but also they are sculpture to me.

This glider hangs from the oak under which I placed the house several years ago.  It is where phoning takes place since the tin roof on the house wrestles with connections.  This glider was traded for a cool aid pitcher and one other silly thing about four years ago.  It is my only swinger.

Here is a cat’s eye view of the glider.  Notice the little vignette of bricks under it.  This is a current interest, and we have little outcroppings of brick all over the acreage in pertinent places.  The glider is in very good shape, and of course its rust and discoloration are still intact.  As with all my metal outdoor furniture, older paint jobs peek out from current ones.  It is great to show the history of where the glider has been.  We are all the result of our histories.

We have a series of circular gardens working down the side of our house, and here you can see ginger lilies in the foreground.  In the middle of this garden is a palm that is putting up its first flower ever.   Also in the garden are nandina, regular and dwarf.  Spider worts are let go until they get too invasive, and then I leave only the ones that are nicely placed.  There is also a small sculpture here made from old window weights.

Wherever our centipede grass does not grow, we install brick.  Ajuga helps in this job.



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