This is my mouse.  She is fifteen years old,  and she is my muse.  She has also been diagnosed recently with early stage renal failure, but she doesn’t know.  We have changed her food and have given her one B-12 shot and have not needed another a month out.  I am hoping that we can manage her for a while with these two therapies.

Spending a lot more time with her now that we know she will not be around forever, I just noticed this morning that her head makes a perfect equilateral triangle.  I am thinking the Greeks might find her a great specimen (she knows she is), and add her fine dimensions as a related theorem to the Golden Section.

From the picture above, one cannot help but notice that between the points of her two ears and the bottom of her mouth, the elegance of the triangle that is created by this artist.  We know the Greeks looked for the underlying ideal of a thing, and Cezanne the underlying geometry of a thing.  With our Mouse-head, we have both.  Reason enough for perfect proportion and solid beauty.

In the picture above, we see Mouse trying to inscribe herself within a circle and on top of my favorite jeans, and within the rectangle of the laundry basket.  All great artists test various theories of proportion and try to push themselves to do things they might not otherwise have.  Notice in this picture that she has had an “M” tattooed on her forehead.  She says that it is for “MOUSE”, but we know it is for “MALERICH”.  It was a little something I had done early on so that she might be returned to her house when she travels at night.

This is Mouse’s favorite interpretation of the Vitruvian Man.  She thinks that it so cool that art students of a certain age have already learned about the Renaissance from watching cartoons.  This was when she was first introduced to the Golden Section theory of proportion.