GLIDER DESIGN FLAW what are the chances?

My husband came home yesterday with a new glider and the yellow chair on the left above.  We both knew that we already had an example of this chair, with nice punched out patterning on the seat and the back, and a straight bar between the armrest/legs.  But something more was familiar.  It listed to the left dramatically, and that was something we have been intending to fix on the right one for years (although they DO kind of look like they are dancing, and that might be worth keeping intact).

As my friend Judy likes to say, “What’s up with that??”  Design flaw, I am thinking.  But of course, who would know.  Maybe they both went through hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Glenn was taking metal trash to the recycling center, and bought the yellow chair and part of a glider and saved them from certain death.  A huge crane with a deadly claw on the end of it had already eaten the moving parts of the glider, so all we have is the lovely rusty sitting part.  It doesn’t matter.  Sometimes one wants to sit closer to the ground.

The diamond details and the rust on this glider are so fine.  Removing the rust and repainting would be a sin.  My husband says that those who restore old trucks are trying on this same aesthetic:  let the painted surface show its history.  But that only goes so far with trucks, and with gliders like this.  The “dings” should be hammered out and the shape of the truck or the glider, should be normal.

Speaking of restoring trucks, this example of the same glider just shown is full of body putty.  Glenn found it on a major street in St. Louis, and had offers for it before he could get the thing loaded.  Shown in this new example is the missing gliding structure.   We are thinking we will put that on the better glider.  We can use the parts of the body puttied glider to make art.  Or it can rest just as it is within my newest garden.


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