The position of this tree made no sense in my yard until we placed our house, which we moved from three miles down the road, in its current location.  Before the big house came here, I ran into the this tree more than once when backing up the car. Even now,  no one likes this tree but me; it is kind of like a Bradford Pear, but it has a more natural shape and huge thorns that the Bradfords do not have.

Listening to a garden show on the radio, it was mentioned that when placing the first structure of bushes or trees around a new house, one should pay attention to the corners of the house, and place trees where they will draw the eye out from those corners.  That was a consideration when figuring out where to place my “mobile” house.

Placed here, the Bradford-like tree now makes sense. There is another large oak in this picture, and it was the more important consideration when placing the house.  I have always wanted to live under a big tree, coming from a suburb of St. Louis where all the trees were razed when the subdivision was planned.  To start over then,  the homeowners all got two baby trees for free with the purchase of the house.  They were to go in the boulevard.  I would never live like that again, but of course it was boomer heaven.

I don’t know who planted the large oak on our acreage.  There was a tree down the road that was just as big, but it did not survive our ice storm in 01.  At that time, it was at least 75 years old, verified as someone knew a woman who remembered the tree from her youth.  This one has to be at least the same age.  Suffice it to say that no one who planted it could enjoy the tree at maturity.  One would have had to move a house under a tree like this to get to enjoy it.  And that is just what I did.



  1. So amazing that you still have all these photos from way back when. I guess that’s an attribute of keeping your computer from that time?

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