I love a blank space.  Having some pretty good ones around the hacienda, much of this space is covered with tile and found objects.   Some of the space has to have old stucco removed, and that is off-putting to me.  Prep work is not fun.  My husband loves prep work, although he will not admit it.  I think we are a good pair.

I have tiled the interior wall of our pool area.  When I get a tile job, this is where my designs are worked out,  so there is not a lot of visual  unity  in the different areas.  Breaking something is not such a sad thing in our household because it gets a new life on the wall or wherever I am working.  The two smallest exterior walls on the studio also have tile, and they also were ideas for projects, in these two cases, never made.   There are a couple more walls on the studio exterior that remain untreated.  One for sure won’t be empty for long.  The other has vines all over it, and they have to be removed.  I choose not to think about this problem.  This wall will definitely be the last.

We drive about 45 minutes each way twice a day to get our child to school.  Along the longest stretch of this drive, there are three perfect canvases for me.  Cinder block.  Small buildings.  I want to tile them.  Their being bold and colorful could  connect that 27 miles of road in a kind of visual conversation.  Like start some pattern on one, and reiterate or somehow relate the second building down the road to the first,  and then the third, yadda, yadda.   Kind of make a visual joke or double entendre.

Here is the first building, just north of North, SC.  No kidding.

Why cannot I think of something to do that would make some money?  Why are old unoccupied buildings calling to me?  What does one do if what they are most passionate about in their life is just silly?


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