My interests are wide.  Creating this blog was basically about showing my art the way a web site would. My husband is interested in an expensively designed web site, and I was wondering if a blog could do the same job.  I chose a format that is good for showing art, and then what is featured?  Gliders, strollers, house renovation.  What is up with that?

I am not addicted to making art as I once was.  Part of it is because I am not in the habit, the same kind of thing you have to work through when you start running.  You have to run through the bad self talk, and get yourself into the addiction part.  Then running becomes part of your day.

Making art follows the same pattern.  But I also think that art pretty much comes from pain.  I know mine did.  My self talk was “Lee is not good enough”, so I would make this physical thing that existed in the world by itself and then ask:  “Now am I good enough?”.  And I did that over and over again for years.

Once in a while sad or disappointed, I am not in pain anymore.  I don’t have to prove myself, and it is more difficult to concentrate on the art.

Above is a mosaic I did a few years ago at Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC.  It is the “fin” wall in the ladies executive bathroom in the tower;  if you are from here, you know that place.  It is about nine by six feet and made from waste.  I want to keep stuff from going into the landfill, and want not to spend much on raw materials, so there you are.  The piece is made from broken plates, broken tempered glass, crap from the flea that has already had another life, rocks, whatever.  There are details of women’s faces all over the piece broken and restructured.  The women who work there brought me personal broken dishes so they had a  stake in the piece too.  That was a really fun thing to do.

Above is a detail from the fin wall.  I chose this theme of crowns for a dual purpose; my feeling about how many fine smart women are in the business world, and the use of the room.  I put a crown also over every commode in every stall,  think “throne”!  I was thrilled that Blue Cross was up for this little wordplay.

Yesterday I finished my second “shaft”.  Having no idea as to why these are so important to me, not being a 3-D person, I am stretching.  Maybe this interest is because my new husband is a 3-D person.  He puts together two 2 by 4s for me, angles the top and bottom, and I go to work.  The first one is gone already, and they are just impossible to photograph.  Here are some details of the thing, still in the studio.

My first shaft was an ionic column, and the next is going to be double this size using pieces of thick white marble found in a dumpster years ago and here waiting for the perfect use.


2 thoughts on “ABOUT CREATING ART ?

  1. Art is such a vulnerable thing. You make it because you want and need something to feel proud of and prove your worth but then are forced to accept other’s judgements in their critique or purchases. It is really such a painful cycle (unless you are monstrously successful). What’s also amazing is your transition from micro to macro art. I wonder how often artists go through changing media so drastically. I suspect not very often.

    • If an artist is confident in their view of the world, I suspect that art can be made of any thing in any medium. It is the confidence that is power. Skills and techniques can be learned.

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