Did you ever notice that a visit to a flea market will feature a theme of the day?  Like you see more wheelbarrows on one day than you have ever seen.  Or it is Roseville day, or old mixing bowl day, or enamel topped kitchen furniture day (love it when that day comes into the rotation).  Well today was organized for me by color, MY color, aqua.   I spent more at the flea today than I ever have.  Usually, when the junk adds up to about twenty bucks, I run for the car and feel so happy.

My husband is crazy about fenders, the contour metal things that used to cover about half of the wheel on old cars from the forties and fifties.  Look at what he did to his art trailer.  These fenders are from a 1950 Chevrolet pickup.  He gave me these details.  We have the front fenders in the barn waiting for a  re-purpose.

The stroller below was a big part of my aqua day.  I bought it for our anniversary, and because my husband loves fenders.  He also loves tools.  This carriage has an expandable back on the seat, FENDERS, a brake, it folds up, and I don’t know what else (Harry don’t say a thing about this!).  It even has part of the rubber protectors for the bumpers. Rubber baby buggy bumpers!  I will know more after I clean it.  Several people today told me they saw one just like this on one of the current junker TV shows, and that it sold for $1500 after restoration.    AND they said this one was in better shape than the TV one in the beginning.  I did not pay much at all for it, but a little more than my norm.                                                                                                                   

Here is a close up of one of the fenders.

You can see at the back of the running board that it is cleaning up nicely.  Not being a patient person, I just had to get this little gem out into the world.

Now to clean it!



  1. I will look through my baby photos. I think there is a photo of my twin brother and I in a twin stroller like this one. Very cool stroller by the way.

  2. Harry, on ebay under “old antique strollers” there are two pictures of children in this stroller, and one actual stroller for sale, but one that is not as fancy as this one. No wheel fenders! Same color. Not as much wood, no beads. Less status, less money!

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