I took a workshop once about helping students to write more, and more effectively.  The smart guy there said that a student  will transfer knowledge from one side of the brain to the other by writing about the idea.  In doing that, she enables more brain power to address the problem and solve it.  Okay.

So I have been blogging for what, six weeks?  What is great is that the interface between my writing and my work is getting to be so valuable.  I am understanding why, and the process by which, I make art.  This is so fine!

Stitching and creating mosaics at the same time now,  last summer I created my first mosaic that used the same thought process as my stitching.  That was huge.  Having done the mosaics for about five years, they did not reflect my textile aesthetic.  So that relationship is one thing.  Mosaics that look like my textiles.

But something else is happening.  I am making mosaics as sculptures now, and maybe my “true” mosaic aesthetic is coming through.  I am hoping so.  But one has to be careful in making those judgements.  For example, I live with a sculptor.  What effect might that have?

These two forms have a lot in common—interlocking modules and pattern.  With the textiles, I impose a pattern where I begin with none.  Seems counter-intuitive with textiles.  Many forms of textiles are created AS pattern.   Constructing a picture plane without a strict pattern, then merging it with the symbols on top of the fabric, the resulting pattern will make the finished image feel unified.

Working on my second “Shaft”, my mosaic side,  the pattern has to be imposed early so that integration of all the found objects is understandable.  Here, the message is in the pattern.  This work is about eight feet tall, it has angles both on its head and foot, so that it fits cleanly on wall and floor.  I am just starting to grout at the top, and the birds are the pattern.

Just figuring this out now, as I write, there is the difference.  There is the reason the embroideries are more sophisticated, and the mosaic more elementary.  The stitched works arrive at “pattern” in a more original way.  See what I mean about blogging?

Next challenge:  Why are the mosaics easier to sell?


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