It is 24 degrees outside and we have no traditional heat.  Or air conditioning in the summer.  Where I live, the climate is soooo moderate most of the time.  When  renovating this house, with my end goals being to live off what I make, and to have no debt,  I had to think about the cost of  heating and cooling.   I could buy a system, but could I afford monthly utility bills?  No.  An artist’s income can be great at times, but at other times, LIKE NOW, I have to fall back to my part time teaching base.

This moderate winter we have been having has been wonderful considering my choices.   It has been like fall, and the last two days are the only ones that have been cold.  Later this his week we are going to be working up to where we have been temperature wise most of the winter.  Glenn and I will be able to work out in the barn with no heat.  We have been doing this all winter.  Many of the flying bugs have not been killed this season, it is so moderate.

I had two big fireplaces created during renovation.  One is functional with a gas log, and one is simply sculpture, although it has the innards to function someday.  They are made from the piers that were under this house in its former location.  This house was built in 1939 with two fireplaces, but when I bought it, there was only one left.  That fireplace had to be destroyed because it could not travel three miles down the road to this location.  The mortar would have disintegrated to sand.

As the fireplace started to be built, it became hugely obvious that we had to pop the ceiling out.  The fireplace was just too massive.  So we gave the ceiling stair steps like the fireplace.  That section of the ceiling is now apple green against shiny enamel white for the ceiling proper.

In the picture above, you can see the way I stretched the tile that I had for the great room by integrating two tile rugs.  See my former post about this.    The tile rug under the table is much more subtle, but they did the job in extending my raw materials for this big room.

I traded the acre of land that this house was on for the building of the fireplaces.  When looking around the web for design inspiration, I noted that huge freestanding fireplaces like these are were not in vogue.  It surprised me, but didn’t bother me.  Everything is cyclical. They are still cool.


2 thoughts on “NO HEAT, NO AIR, BUT COOL

  1. I just saw a whole show on moving houses! Apparently it is getting really popular. They make ‘used house lots’ nowadays where you just go and some sort of vendor has already plucked a bunch of soon-to-be-demolished houses for you to choose from.

  2. What interesting neighborhoods that would make. A california ranch next to a log cabin next to a deco cottage. Come to think of it, I have seen neighborhoods like that. In Kansas City. Now that I re read this, it is not the lot that is available, it is the house! Wow. Were the prices good?

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