I have a friend…

I have a friend who writes books and is a very smart guy.  When I told him that I was going to start writing a blog about “Waste as a Way of Life”, his questions clearly moved me to the next level in my thinking.  I still like the title, but I need to make my writing goal a bit more clear.

Jake asks:  “Are you in favor or opposed to waste”?  Good question.  No one has ever been more in favor of waste than I am.  No, I cannot say that.  Learning to live on waste is a process. You can get better and better with it.  I was pretty good in certain areas, and then I met and married my husband.  He is great in areas of waste use that I never knew existed.  He will pick up a metal  washer in a parking lot and put it in his pocket.  As with me, but not as wholly as I, as an artist, he uses waste as art materials.

I have to say that upon the breaking of our last financial crisis, I was fearful like everyone else was (the art market is the first to go), but since what I want and require for life is always secured at ridiculous prices, I knew that I could live on what we made. I could even financially handle losing my little job. To me, doing more with less is a more interesting and satisfying way to live.

Second question from Jake:  “Do you mean waste as the things we dispose of, or how we spend our time?”.  This answer is very easy for me.  I do not waste time.  If I am somehow put into a position where that happens, a little cyclone begins to grow within me.  My father died at an extremely young age, and I learned with that experience that a short life can be a reality.  Since then, I have made most moments count, and I have recorded many with my art.

Jake: “Will you tackle bodily functions too?”.  No.

“How about how we efficiently use or do not use our bodies, and our brains?”.  I love stuff.  Old stuff, re-purposed stuff, recycled stuff, stuff as art materials, stuff as garden ornaments, propagated stuff.  I love new gardens that I can see in a mature state.  Everything is a composition, each angle of vision, 360 degrees.  These ideas require “stuff”.  I am going to leave the brain thing to my friend Jake, and the body thing to my daughter, Branny.

One word about my masthead picture.  It features a little used tire shop that exists within my local flea market; my personal little Mecca.  I have never bought a used tire.  Does this mean that I really am a dilettante?


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